Extra Deep Griddles, Gas

Lang griddles are renowned for their high-quality construction, innovative design, precise temperature control, and consistent performance.

  • 3 year parts + labor warranty
  • Great for high-volume operations
  • Extra-deep 30″ griddle plate


Select desired finish, controls, and width below to identify the model # that fits your exact griddle needs. Share the model # with your Lang equipment dealer for easy ordering!

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  • Precise Temperatures + High Performance – advanced burner design ensures precise griddle plate temperatures
  • True Zone Cooking – controls every 12” for true zone cooking gives you ultimate control while maximizing use of griddle surface space for various needs
  • 1” Thick Griddle Plate – a thicker griddle plate drives ultimate surface temperature performance and consistency. Our 1” thick griddle plate retains more heat for faster recovery while allowing thermostat probes to be mounted deep within the plate for ultimate performance
  • Pilot Safety Feature – direct spark ignition lights the burner as demanded by the thermostat, eliminating the need for a standing pilot burner – feature requires electric power
  • Made in the USA – proudly hancrafted in Smithville, Tennessee
  • 3 Year Warranty – 3 Year parts and labor warranty on Lang griddles
  • 27,000 BTU/ft.
  • 30″ Extra-Deep Griddle Plate – maximize your space


  • Snap-Action Controls – electric powered controls cycle the burner completely on or off as demanded by surfact temperature changes
  • Solid State Controls – Electronic controls with thermocouples embedded in the plate material react instantly to surface temperature change, cycling the burner more frequently ensuring consistent performance


  • Polished Steel Plate – 30″ Extra-Deep
  • Chrome Plate – 30″ Extra-Deep


  • Energy cost reductions by as much as 30%
  • Improve clean-ability and higher durability
  • Eliminates food taste transfer
  • Reduce labor required for cleaning and preparation
  • Improved heat retention
  • A cooler, more comfortable kitchen
  • Improved heat transfer from surface to product

  • 3-Year Warranty on Parts and Labor
  • 5-Year Warranty on Chrome Griddle Surface

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